Online Application Information

To facilitate the processing of applicants, we are using a number of online resources.


Berean Bible Fellowship Church of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania is seeking a man of God’s choosing to join the ministry work here.

Berean Bible Fellowship Church is a one hundred plus year old work in Stroudsburg and is a member church of the Bible Fellowship denomination, consisting of sixty plus churches centered in but not limited to the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

We are seeking a man to fulfill the role of pastor/teaching elder as we seek to reach out to Monroe County and surrounding communities of northeastern PA for the glory of God through Jesus Christ. We desire to teach the Word of God and demonstrate a Christ-like lifestyle to our community, mentor new Christians and emphasize local and world missions.

Step One - Documents

Download/read the following important documents:
BFC-Articles of Faith / BBFC-Lead Pastor (Job Description)

When you have read through and can acknowledge your agreement with the BFC-Articles of Faith, you can proceed with preparing for the online application. Since many of the questions in the application directly relate to the BFC-Articles of Faith, you will save yourself and our search committee time if you carefully read and consider your agreement with the BFC-Articles of Faith before moving forward to apply.

Step Two - Assemble Needed Information

To facilitate data entry, consider downloading a copy of the application ( Word format / PDF format ) and prepare your answers offline. When all your answers have been saved offline, you can return to this page to begin the online application process. If you prepare your answers in electronic form, you can use a “cut and paste” method to transfer the information from your offline form into each of our online form fields. Please try to limit responses to each question to four lines, where possible. You should also have the following accessible on the device you are using to complete the online application:

  • A link (URL) to an online sermon you have given recently, if available.
  • An electronic copy of your resume (2 MB max file size) that should include your references, education, employment history, and ministry experience.

Step Three - Complete the Online Application

When you click the "Apply" button below, you will begin the process of completing our online application. Note that once you begin the process you must fill out ALL the requested information through the final page. DO NOT close your browser session before you reach the “thank you” page or your work will not be properly submitted! You will receive an email acknowledgement of your application submission within a day.

If you have any questions about this process, or have problems completing the online application, please send email to